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The objectives of the current, proposed research then are:

  1. To examine how self-identified, queer Japanese do or do not consider themselves as having constructed a queer identity.
  2. To examine how English language and intercultural communication might play a role in queer individuals’ understanding of their sexuality or in the construction of a queer identity.
  3. To examine how, when, where and why (the semiotic acts and spaces) English language is used by self-identified, queer Japanese.
  4. To examine the significance of inter-cultural communication (specifically with regard to the uses of English language) for self-identified, queer Japanese.
  5. To examine the ideas and beliefs about English-speaking cultures such that self-identified, queer Japanese prefer to use English language in specific semiotic acts or spaces rather than their native language.
  6. To examine how such language use as discussed above is reflective of TESOL in its various forms, specifically in Japan.

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