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The Closet in the Classroom: Re-positioning queer identity as a ‘non-issue’ in TESOL instruction

Click the link above to read my 2007 manuscript concerning the positioning of queer sexuality in TESOL methods and approaches. Note that my own narrative “The Closet in the Classroom” was originally part of this manuscript.


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Is Okama Okay?

it is through language that a person negotiates a sense of self within and across different sites at different points in time[1]&

I met Minori where else but at karaoke. Having always loved to sing, especiallykaraoke around others who enjoy the hobby just as much as I do, Japan was a great place for me to put to good use all those years of classical voice training. Another friend of mine, Hiroe, told me that she had invited some friends of hers to join our karaoke party, friends who she said “really want to meet you.” I was flattered, but I just assumed that these friends were eager to meet Hiroe’s crazy English teacher and quickly forgot all about the additional guests that night. That is, until Minori walked in. My first impression told me that Minori was a lesbian. With short, spiky hair, no make-up, jeans and a men’s shirt, my experience in the gay and lesbian community helped me identify possible allies. Of course, there is no guarantee that my judgments are always correct. (more…)

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Excerpt from forthcoming interview with Folake Abass of the JALT Gender Awareness in Language Education (GALE) sig. More info on viewing the entire interview to be posted soon!

FA: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us. To begin with, can you tell us about the research you are doing for your dissertation and where the idea came from?

MH: It all stems from a comment a Japanese friend once made to me. He said, “I’m gay in English, but I’m not gay in Japanese.” This was fascinating to me and then I heard something similar from another friend a few weeks later who said, “Only my American friends know I’m a dyke.” As a result of this, I would now like to understand what the significance of “English” (and here I mean English as a linguistic culture, as a linguistic system, etc) is in the lives of Japanese queer individuals.

FA: Can you tell me what you mean by the significance of “English” as a linguistic system and how does this tie into Japanese queer individuals?


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Learner, Teacher, Foreigner, Queer: A narrative examination of identity performance

The above is a manuscript I wrote as part of an identity course I participated in during my doctoral studies at IUP. The narrative used for consideration was published in the May, 2008 issue of ESL Magazine.

In asking my participants to consider their own voices and selves, I realize that it is useful for me to do the same. My thanks to professors David Hanauer and Sharon Deckert for guiding the ethnographic journeys during their courses.

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Here are the slides from my 2007 presentation for the Linguistics Colloquium at Simon Fraser University, an examination of linguistic research ad queer identities.

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JALT/JACET2008 Presentation

The above are the slides from my June presentation in Nagoya entitled “Synergistic Collaboration: Language teaching and the transmission of ideas about sexuality“. This presentation examines a hypothetical situation where the inclusion of queer sexuality in the EFL classroom in Japan becomes a point of conflict and opportunity for collaboration.

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DISCOVERING VOICES Nagoya Presentation

Thank you for attending today’s discussion of autonomy, language learner identities and sexuality. I’ve posted the slides from the presentation power point above.

Please consider sharing your stories by clicking the SHARE YOUR STORY tab at the top of this page, or by emailing Marlen at m dot e dot harrison at iup dot edu.

Any and all feedback is warmly welcomed!

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