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“So what is it like to write a dissertation?”ai

I suppose this question had always been lurking in my head, and I know from time to time I pondered getting to the other side of 120 pages, only the first half, especially at the time when the project was merely an idea discussed over lunch in a Middle Eastern restaurant in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill. David had encouraged me to pursue the LGBT path because it had rarely been walked before. I questioned whether or not I wanted to be the “gay” researcher and how that might affect my future opportunities. We concluded together that I would be unlikely to want to work anywhere that wouldn’t welcome this part of me, that wouldn’t allow me to explore the answers to questions I so obviously wanted to research.

120 pages handed in, and then a sense of blank, grey, quiet, emptiness.



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ENGL 815: Feminist Communitarian Moral/Ethical Framework

“presumes a researcher who builds a reciprocal, collaborative, trusting, and friendly relations with the persons he or she is studying.” (Denzin, 2003, p. xii)

INTRO: While planning my dissertation project, a narrative examination of the significance of English language and communication in the lives of self-identified queer Japanese, I often considered the difficulties inherent in being a researcher from the outside looking in. In other words, how could I possibly minimize or reduce my own ethnocentric analyses while also accepting the limitations of my own etic perspective?

ENGL 815 feminist communitarian (click me to view presentation handout)

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